Why Pressure Clean?

Over time, dirt, mould and other small particles build up on the façades of buildings and on other exterior surfaces. Because these surfaces are seen every day, it’s difficult to detect just how dirty they are until they’ve been professionally cleaned. Pressure cleaning is a very effective way to remove the layer of accumulated dirt from any structure to reveal the facade’s original appearance and revive the look of the building’s ex­terior.

What does Pressure Cleaning Remove?

In warm, humid climates, mould and mildew growth may damage and discolour the exterior surfaces of a building. Rust and corrosion from the metals used to attach siding or signage can lead to ugly streaks on a façade, and dirt kicked up by passing traffic and deposited by human hands eventually takes a toll on any building’s ap­pearance. Animals and birds also leave messes behind, and the presence of graffiti mars the atmosphere of the entire neighbourhood. Pressure cleaning washes away all of these unsightly, unpleasant problems.

What Types of Buildings Benefit from Pressure Cleaning?

Modern pressure cleaning equipment is capable of removing the superficial layer of accumulated dirt and grime from a building without damaging the siding material underneath. Pressure cleaning is effective on structures with all types of exterior siding, including wood, vinyl, concrete, tile, glass and metal sheathing and can even be used on the entryways, walkways and courtyards that surround a commercial space. Businesses as varied as restaurants, hotels, office buildings, service stations, shopping centres, industrial manufacturing facilities and multi-use commercial properties all receive an instant facelift from pressure cleaning.

Why Choose a Professional?

It’s important to hire a professional pressure cleaning service when looking to spruce up your business’s ex­terior. If used incorrectly, pressure washing equipment may damage some surfaces, but a professional pressure cleaner possesses the right equipment for every application and has received training in its proper use. Pressure cleaning can also be dangerous, especially when performed on high-rise structures. This type of work is best left to a trained professional with experience cleaning large commercial properties. If your business’s exterior looks dull or dirty, pressure cleaning offers a way to improve its appearance quickly. Consider contacting a professional pressure cleaner for more information on how your building can benefit from this service today.