Pavement Pressure Cleaning


With our Sydney sub-tropical climate, you can guarantee there’ll be quite a bit of rain (especially if you live around the Northern Beaches, North shore or on the Central Coast).

If water stays on your pavers, deck, pathways or other footways, it’s quite likely that you’ll have mould and even moss on some areas.

This is not only unsightly; it could be dangerous for you and your family, or any visitors to your home. It’s time to bring out the big guns and get a full high-pressure clean.

A high-pressure deep clean can save you money and keep you safe

Don’t even think about expensive repaving or deck replacement. Once we’ve cleaned up your deck, driveway, paving, pool surrounds or entertainment area with a high-quality pressure clean, your place will look as good as new.

Best of all, with pressure-cleaned surfaces, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that you’ve mitigated any slips or falls due to mossy or slimy paths and pavers.

Keep paths, pavers, decking and pool areas looking their best

If you’d like to talk about high-pressure cleaning for your residential paths, pavers, pool area or wooden decking, please call our friendly team on 0418 631 526 or contact us for a free assessment and quote.