Roof Cleaning North Shore

High-pressure roof and gutters cleaning | Sydney north

Our poor old roofs. They’re often the most neglected and overlooked element of your home. Dirt, leaf stains, mould; all of these can make your roof look tired and lower the value of your home. Gutters get filled with leaves, causing rainwater overflow that can stain walls, paths and pavers.

Reliable cleaning with high-pressure water jets

Especially if you have a tiled roof, it’s important to have it cleaned every few years. Tiles become brittle over time, and terracotta tiles are porous, absorbing pollution particulates.

If you have a section of your roof that doesn’t get much sun, you probably have mould up there – and that isn’t good for your health. Mould and moss spores can cause respiratory ailments and those with impaired lung function or asthma-related issues are at risk.

Simple water washing won’t remove ingrained mould spores and dirt; you need to get in a professional who can use a high-pressure jet spray safely and without fuss.

Your Sydney roof and gutter cleaning costs won’t be sky-high

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